The Art of Paying Attention to Detail


In a world of high-speed consumption and “more, more, more”, I increasingly feel the pressure to rebel against the consumerism and embrace having less. Less average options in my wardrobe, less mediocre experiences — but instead spend the money and time on those things (and people) I enjoy most. You know… quality over quantity. Knowing which pieces suit me most in my wardrobe, when to say “no” to socializing and, most importantly, that happiness and fulfillment come from less, and not more, have had a huge positive impact on my life(style).

When you have and do less, you can pay more attention to the details… and that’s where you find the good stuff. That one perfect pair of denim, the lipstick that always makes you look/feel good, a song that exactly suits your mood, seemingly small moments that turn out to be one of your favorite memories… There’s no need to have and do it all when you learn the art of paying attention to the details.


The Japanese craft gin ROKU, that I have been enjoying lately, perfectly lives that same vision and approach. Their ROKU gin bottle and label have been carefully designed to appeal to the Japanese sense of aesthetics and beauty --- and mine! As a Creative Director, I always focus on – and appreciate – a beautifully designed brand with stunning details: the six natural Japanese botanicals embossed on the hexagonal bottle, the bottle label printed on washi paper and the bold calligraphy. Simply stunning.


Speaking of the six unique Japanese botanicals: they are harvested in accordance with the Japanese concept of shun - which is the tradition of enjoying each ingredient at its best, only harvested once they have reached their peak flavor and perfection. Clearly, high quality and Japanese craftsmanship are the key credentials of ROKU.

This premium gin is carefully crafted by Japanese artisans - with skillful precision and meticulous attention to detail - to create the perfect balance of flavors and an authentic gin taste. My favourite way to drink ROKU is by following the perfect serve: 6 slices of ginger, 50 ml ROKU, mixed with a good tonic and a lot of ice. The beautiful thing about quality products is the fact that it requires minimal effort to get the maximum taste. A formula I can get behind!


Plus, this leaves more time for omotenashi: which is, as I’ve learned, a cornerstone of Japanese culture and defines the art of selfless hospitality. It blends a welcoming spirit with warmth, understanding and respect. How apropos is that to this time of year?!

Speaking of which, as an early Christmas gift, I have partnered with ROKU to gift a special Suntory ROKU gin package to enjoy over the holidays. Simply tell me in the comments below about one of your favourite “less is more” moments. Good luck! [Sorry, Germany only!]

The deadline for entry is Wednesday, December 17, 2018.

In friendly collaboration with Suntory ROKU Gin.