A Space to Work, Create and Live In

The other day I showed you how I dealt with eliminating clutter in a multi-purpose room and today I want to show you the rest of the space! I didn’t just add more storage to my home office/studio/dining area – I actually did a complete make-over and implemented some other design solutions for an easily adaptable space as well. Instead of taking the usual approach of trying to fit in different pieces of furniture with each their own purpose (desk, dining set, creative corner) like a matryoshka doll stacked onto or into each other in a limited space, I took the more “minimalist” approach. I prioritized both form and function: a highly functional room, that is equally aesthetically pleasing.

Now that the first step was taken care of – to reduce all the clutter – it was time for the next… analyzing how I use the room (aka activities), which factors play a role in my productivity (state of the room, inspiring items), and ultimately how I can comply with all of my own requirements and wishes while keeping the space as minimal as possible.

How to create an effortless, inspiring room to work, create and live in:

  • Be selective and curate furniture pieces that will make the space (and its uses) work for you.

  • A pop of colour can help set the vibe and keep the space fresh – which is especially important to inspire creativity. I opted for dark green suede chairs for an unexpected twist to my overall more muted colour palette.

  • As with all things ‘style’: go for timeless and elegant, something that suits your personal aesthetic, so you feed your mind & your soul.

  • Major must-do: have a clean “desk” policy. Only keep the bare essentials in eye sight to maximize your focus and productivity. Store the rest in a custom designed sideboard.

  • Choose chairs that are comfortable enough to sit on – from your first morning coffee until a nightcap with friends.

  • Go green… add flowers and plants to give the space some life!

  • Don’t be afraid to add a warmer wood tone to your minimalist interior. I really love the combination of black & white with walnut wood.

  • Even when you don’t believe in feng shui, be considerate and pragmatic about where you place your furniture as it will have an impact on the feel & vibe.

  • Something I’m passionate about: light & shadow play! Playing with light through décor pieces (think glass, mirrors, plants) is an easy way to create a special eye catching effect in the room.

  • Always remember: great design is attainable for everyone and every budget! I found amazing mid-century style furniture and decoration on – no need to break the bank or compromise on great style.

In friendly collaboration with MADE.

What are your tips on creating an effortless and inspiring multi-purpose room?