Favourite Places in Berlin: Food


It’s been a very long time coming, but after multiple requests from friends visiting Berlin - and friends of friends - here it is: the first installment of my favourite places in Berlin. Kicking off with my go-to places to eat — brunch, lunch, dinner and beyond — where the food isn’t just good, but the vibe is right as well. Some places you may have already spotted in all of those popular “must-visit in Berlin” guides, others may even be new to locals (Berlin has a lot to offer, after all). Either way, these are the tried & true places I keep visiting frequently.


A recent discovery for me, with food so delicious that I prefer to swing by on a weekly basis. It was started by two Aussie guys, so you can bet that they’re serving all the goods: avocado on toast, eggs benedict, sweet and savoury bowls. And really good coffee, too. I am partial to the double shot Americano and the Reuben sandwich, but honestly I don’t think you can go wrong with anything on the menu.

Located on one of the prettiest streets in Prenzlauer Berg, Engelberg is the place to go for more of a German breakfast. You can get your fill of eggs or choose a “basic breakfast” with bread basket and your choice of cheeses and cold cuts. Paired with a fresh orange juice and coffee, this is a lovely spot to start your day — especially outside on their terrace.

Cafe Krone
The interior is a bit old fashioned, but charming, and the food (pancakes!) is tasty. Picture Cafe Krone as the ideal spot on a rainy Saturday morning (or afternoon), when it feels like you have all the time in the world to enjoy good food and deep conversations with friends.

Chipperfield Kantine

Chipperfield Kantine


The Klub Kitchen
Probably the most buzzed about lunch place at the moment, where you will spot a lot of Berlin’s local fashion & creative crowd. Normally this would be a turn off for me, because I find hyped up places usually quite disappointing after getting my expectations up from all the “ooohs and aaahs”… BUT… The Klub Kitchen truly is a lovely place, with a relatively small menu full of super tasty, but at the same time healthy options. And, of course, a great interior, which makes it simply a nice place to spend your early afternoon break. My go-to? The spinach knödel and homemade passion fruit lemonade. / Insider tip: avoid peak hours between 12 - 13:30.

Chipperfield Kantine
The interior is 10/10 — you may have spotted it on my feed a few times — and the food is good, too. The menu is small, but changes on a daily basis and you can be sure to receive a generous plate of food. Foremost, this is the place you want to visit for some serious interior inspiration (if you’re also into concrete) and a cool vibe. It was designed by, and belongs to, David Chipperfield Architects.

The Tree
I am not a huge fan of soup, but I’ll make an exception for this Chinese noodle shop. Located literally on the next street over from my apartment, The Tree’s space is a great one to hang out — picture brick walls, cozy nooks and wooden benches, plants, bird music (truly) and a bath tub in the middle (also true story). The food is fresh, handmade, healthy. There are options for meat lovers, vegetarians and picky eaters (I am one of those) alike.

The Klub Kitchen

The Klub Kitchen

KAFFEE & KUCHEN (aka coffee & cake)

Another one for the fellow concrete lovers — BALDON is located in an amazing Brutalist building called the Lobe Block, which brings together art, architecture, fashion, design, sustainability, gardens and even bees. It’s not the most central location, especially compared to my other go-to spots, but it’s definitely worth the visit (just a quick U-Bahn ride). Not just for coffee and pastry, but you can grab lunch there as well.

You may know ARKET from its fashion — and my love for it — but did you know that every store comes with an amazing cafe as well? The menu offering changes regularly and is full of tasty, healthy meals (soups, salads, wraps) developed by ARKET’s own chef Martin Berg. But my personal highlight? The less healthy stuff: sweet baked goods like the cookies and cinnamon buns. They’re so good that I often have to grab a little take-away as well. And the coffee might be one of the best in town as well. I know, a strong statement, but try it for yourself!

My local coffee supplier and favoured, easy hang-out place. Their coffee beans are roasted in-house and their pieces of cake are tasty and huge. What more is there to say? Go here on a sunny day, grab an iced latte, find a spot out front on the side walk and enjoy the people watching.

Zeit Für Brot
Zeit Für Brot (translation: “time for bread”) offers great bread, but is mostly a very popular place for their fresh cinnamon buns. Come hungry or share one of the buns, they are quite indulgent (understatement). So worth it, though!

Cafe Oliv
A lovely hang-out with small tables — both inside and outside — that makes for a good shopping break spot, as it’s located right around the corner from one of Berlin-Mitte’s nicer shopping areas.

Zeit Für Brot, BALDON, Cafe Oliv

Zeit Für Brot, BALDON, Cafe Oliv


Lecker Song
It’s not about the size or interior at Lecker Song — it’s small and unassuming — but the dumplings are The Best. I have tried a few other places in Berlin (I love dumplings!), also the trendy ones with the cool interiors, but they can’t beat Lecker Song’s quality (and pricing)!

Pastificio Tosatti
More in the mood for fresh handmade pasta than dumplings? In the same street you’ll find Pastificio Tosatti, a tiny, authentic Italian spot where you can watch the chef/owner Matteo knead the dough practically right next to your table. Fun, right?! If you want more impressions, my friend Alice shared a great blog post about her love for the place and its food here.

Night Kitchen
Contemporary Mediterranean dining in a cozy setting: at Night Kitchen you can enjoy plates of Israeli-inspired food shared family-style. Or simply order one of the bigger plates from the menu if you’re not much of the sharing kind ;-) Either way, along with a good glass of wine, you’ll definitely have a lovely evening here. This is also the spot where I celebrated my 30th birthday with a group of friends and I can highly recommend the group menu arrangement. As a picky eater I am usually not a fan of set menus (and pricing), but was pleasantly surprised at how accommodating the staff was and how much food they kept bringing out. Everybody had a good time.

La Premiata Ditta
It seems like I am enjoying small dinner spaces, because this Italian spot has limited seating as well, but somehow they always manage to squeeze you in. I like going here with a friend for our regular catch-ups and (often a bit too much) red wine. The truffle gnocchi are great when you’re hungry or share a mixed platter with a side of burrata. Buon appetito!

Sucre et Sel
I’ve walked past this place for the first few years living in Berlin, not even noticing its charm. Then last year, after a long day and with an empty stomach, we finally paid it a visit. It was great! Since then I have noticed that most of the staff and customers are French, which gives this French bistro the extra charming touch. Win, win, win.

Pastificio Tosatti, Lecker Song, La Premiata Ditta

Pastificio Tosatti, Lecker Song, La Premiata Ditta

Have you been to Berlin? What was your favourite restaurant?