Natural Habitat


Working independently as a Creative Consultant, I spent most of my time at home. Working full-time for (and by) myself comes with a lot of routine changes, but one habit I tried to stick to was getting dressed in the morning. Putting on an actual outfit, instead of rolling straight out of bed in my PJs and into my "office", helps me to break up the space between living and working.

That being said, I do like to be comfortable, so I usually reach for items that are either a bit looser (like my favourite blue denim jeans) or perfectly form-fitting in high quality material. Lately I have been into wearing bodies because, despite their slight impracticality sometimes (you know what I mean), they actually make for the perfect tops as you don't need to re-arrange it all the time.

My current favourite is from WORON - a Scandinavian label for quality, sustainable essentials (all in black, white, grey). Their soft bra is another fav of mine.