The Living Room


It's been 5 months since my last interior post and already 7 months since I moved into my dreamy all-white apartment. Man, time flies! But as it always goes in life of a perfectionist, I am still not quite finished/satisfied with the interior. What can I say... one evening spent on Pinterest and my mind's full of new ideas and "must-haves". My living room and my dining area are probably the two areas that are nearing completion. Especially the living room has had some small updates that have had a big impact of the look & feel of the room. Now all that's missing is a rug of some sort -- if anyone has any tips, please do share!

The first new addition was an Acapulco-style chair that I have been wanting for a while as I really needed it with just one couch in my seating area. Although it may not look like it, but the chair's actually very comfortable. It's usually my spot for an Insta break between client work. The other new addition are these two couch tables that I actually designed myself! A new table was high on my list as I want to start minimizing the amount of Ikea furniture and never really liked the table I had: a rectangle white couch table, made out of metal and glass... chances are high that you own the exact piece yourself. In any case, I had my mind set on a black, round table, as I felt that it would give the seating area a much cozier vibe. While researching online one night, I stumbled upon mycs, a company where you can customize and design furniture online and get it shipped to you. It arrived about a week later and I set up (and decorated, of course) the two tables within 15 (!) minutes. Super convenient, especially for someone (me) who doesn't have a whole lot of patience for building things. After this positive experience I already have the next project in mind: my home office.