Wardrobe Curation


“I have nothing to wear!” -- The amount of times I yell this while looking at my wardrobe is pretty embarrassing. And frustrating… mostly for the boyfriend. Sure, I know I have things to wear, but you know how it is, at moments like this there is just nothing that suits the mood. It’s even worse if you do know what to wear, but there is just this one piece or tiny detail missing. Ugh!

Because I am never done shopping (see reason above) – but my funds on the other hand do have a limit – I tried to come up with a method to curate my closet in a way that I will always find something to wear. Ambitious? Definitely. But getting the basics right at least will help reduce the amount of times that I pull everything out of the closet only to sit on top of it in my underwear (and ‘sadly’ that’s a socially unacceptable outfit to leave the house in…)

I used to be a bit of a clothing hoarder, though since a year or so I have been much better with getting rid of things I no longer wear. But sometimes it’s still hard to be strict with the ‘keep’ or ‘toss’ piles, because you may want to wear it again in a month… (hm hmm...) So I have started to implement the following quick & easy trick.

The majority of my clothing hangs on racks or in my wardrobe, so every time I wear a piece, I change the direction of the hanger (as seen in the photos). After a month or two I do a quick review: everything that hung there untouched for a couple of months can go to the ‘toss’ pile without a doubt.

Because let’s be honest – seasonal items aside – if you don’t wear an item a single time in 60+ days, it’s clearly not one of your favourites… And in order to achieve a carefully curated wardrobe, you should truly love every single piece.

How do you edit your wardrobe to keep things fresh?