My Wardrobe


After several people asked me about my actual "closet system" following my post on how to maximize a minimal wardrobe, I wanted to dedicate a post to it in case you were also wondering where I got this pretty piece :-)

I was hooked on the look of this metal wardrobe from the first second I spotted it on Pinterest. Little did I know it’s from good ol’ IKEA (from the PS 2014 collection) and I of course HAD to have it. I mean, we all love pretty packaging and the same goes for our closet, right? Makes getting dressed in the morning so much more fun!

I use this wardrobe for my favourite items – as you can see lots of muted pieces – and the rest of my clothing hangs in my little walk-in closet and on separate racks (that will fall over any minute now). Perhaps I'll have to make space for a second one...