Interview: Lise Watier


Earlier this year I attended a great beauty event organized by London Drugs. At this event, I met the Lise Watier team and got to try their outstanding products. Even though I use make-up on a daily basis, I never truly experimented with it (I'm a bit of a one-trick pony in this case)... until after this event. While I got quite some brands to try, the Lise Watier products really stood out to me.

With a focus on advanced technologies & research and carefully chosen innovative ingredients (think Labrador tea, blue lotus extract and aloe vera), this is not just another make-up brand. I am very particular about my skincare and try my best to only use products that truly benefit my skin, and I appreciate that Lise Watier has the same approach.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to chat with the Lise Watier team and their resident make-up artist, international beauty guru David Vincent, again. We talked about this season's trends, do's & don'ts and how to get the basics right. Especially when you're in a hurry...


Which beauty trend of this season is a must-try for anyone?

The current beauty trends, that work for practically anyone and will continue on the long-term as well, are bold lips, full brows & strong eyeliner. You can rock them separately or combine two while keeping the rest very natural. Example: bold lips with full brows ask for a nude look on the eyes. You can also opt to make eyeliner the center of attention – just use a little mascara to make the graphic line stand out. Play around with different lines and make sure to keep a balance between the strong brows and eyeliner so they complement each other.

What is your # 1 make-up must-have?

Tools for good eyebrows are essential: I recommend using the Lise Watier Eyebrow Essentials. It is a super handy multi-purpose tool for both your brows and eyes to create a symmetrical, natural look. It comes in a compact case with two shades, mini tweezers and applicators… perfect for when you’re on the go!

You’re a fan of the bold brow a la Cara Delevingne (who isn’t?!). What is your tip on making sure that the look is natural and stays in place from day to night?

The best way to keep the bold brow look natural is to use a combination of powder and pencil. Use the pencil first and then touch up with the powder to fix that ‘sketchy look’ a pencil can create. To fixate the brows I recommend staying away from the old hairspray trick (hair and skin have different needs!), and instead opt for eye specific products like a clear mascara or the Lise Watier Eyebrow Fix.


How do you keep make-up in place in the colder months?

Moisturized skin is always very important, as it makes the make-up last longer. When the seasons change, you should also change your beauty routine. What works for you in the summer, likely won’t have the same effect once it gets colder. You have to get the base for your make-up right and keep it light with cream based or liquid fixated products to avoid any dryness. The Base Miracle works as a primer and creates an extra layer on top of your skin for a flawless finish without the oily and/or dry spots we often have to deal with.

You are running late and only have a minute to put on some make-up. Which basics do you cover?

When you have a short time frame, instead of hiding what’s bothering you, why not enhance what you like about yourself? By focussing on the features that you like you will feel better about yourself and draw attention to those parts. Whether it’s filling in your eyebrows, putting on some mascara, apply a colourful lip or use blush on your cheeks… make-up doesn’t have to be about hiding the things that you don’t like! Instead you can take a different approach to it and put your assets in the spotlight. It’s a quick feel-good treat to yourself that makes you feel even better when others compliment you on it after a rushed morning!


What is your (not so) secret beauty tip?

It’s a classic, but a good one: when applying make-up make sure to also focus on the inner corner of your eye. When you use a concealer, don’t just apply it below your eye, but instead also use it on the inner corner of your eyes up to your brows. It will deal with the blue and dark spots and make you look instantly more awake. To make your eyes pop, use an illuminator or light eye shadow on top of the concealer.

Take-away advice...

Try to switch up your usual brushes by using them for a different purpose. By adding an extra tool to your regular make-up routine you can create a variety of looks that you would normally not achieve. Even swapping your shorthair eye shadow brush for a more fluffy one can create a completely new look than you’re used to. Next time you need a change, don’t run out to get a new colour, but simply adjust your application. The results may surprise you and it’s a quick and easy way to improve your go-to look.