My Favourite Podcasts


One of my favourite ways to combat those phases of loneliness that are imminent in freelance life (for most) is listening to podcasts. Not only does it provide you with some (valuable!) white noise and feeling of having some sort of a social life, for me it's also the best way to get out of my head. Working by yourself, for yourself, can mean that you're spending the majority of the time in your head. You're your team, your mentor, your decision-maker, your clueless intern... almost sounds a bit schizophrenic. The point is, putting on so many different hats in your business can make for a chaotic mind, so it's good to have some ways to get out of there and focus on someone else's business (literally) for once. 

While I did fall off the bandwagon for about a year, I am fully back into podcasts right now. It's a bit of an 'all or nothing' thing for me, so currently I'm listening to podcasts a LOT: during post-production, tackling emails, washing dishes, walking the dog... I like to immerse myself in them when I can. Getting back into it might also have something to do with my new gear, as I stepped up my game with some awesome wireless earphones (welcome to the 21st century!). Being able to move freely and not getting tangled in wires while typing has definitely felt like a major upgrade. As you know, I'm all about that no-fuss life and style... and these Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 earphones check all the right boxes. The sound, the intuitive touch control, seamless charging (on the go!) and, in general, the look feels very NOA NOIR if I do say so myself.


That being said, back to my favourite podcasts, because who doesn't love some tried & true recommendations...! I have yet to try out ANY of those true crime stories, in fact, I haven't listened to any storytelling-based podcasts so far. My focus has been on podcasts about creativity, entrepreneurship, freelancing, life hacks and business success stories (with lots of failures for good measure). These mostly interview-style podcasts are keeping it real and inspiring, with insider tips & hacks that I'd almost rather keep to myself ;-)

Design Matters 
I don't think there's an episode on this podcast that I didn't like. Debbie Millman has a knack for finding inspiring people and getting them to open up about both the struggles and highlights in their (creative) life. The guests are creatives from many different areas with great stories and strong opinions on
culture, design and business.

The Tim Ferriss Show
I have liked Tim Ferriss' work for years now - I think he's such an interesting guy because he doesn't back away from any challenges and figures out so many life- and business hacks. In his podcast, Tim takes a deep-dive into the world of his inspiring guests and the path they took to become so successful in their respective areas. What I love most about this podcast is that it combines relatable experiences with incredibly interesting insights and new points of views.

(Side note: Debbie Millman and Tim Ferriss have been each other's guests and those episodes are some of my favourite ones!)

Your Creative Start
This podcast is the perfect source to get an insight into how other creatives started their career, what they struggled with (relatable!), how they deal with failure & set-backs, but also how they have handled success and the growth of their businesses. It sometimes feels like tuning in to a solid conversation between friends, you know, the genuine "not everything is perfect" kind of chat. Combine that with episodes full of actionable advice & practical tips, and you've got the perfect inspiration boost.

Pardon My French
The podcast by one of my favourite blogger-turned-power business ladies: Garance Dore. I have been reading her blog for at least 10 years I'd say, and I think the podcasts have been a great addition. Unfiltered talks about life with both celebrity guests and her Atelier Dore team. The episodes are often like Garance herself: fun, open, authentic and with a good sense of humour (and a French accent).

The Small Business Big Marketing Show
I was only introduced to this podcast this week, but I like what I've heard so far. I mean, the title already sounds promising. Clearly it's 'my theme', because this podcast also features business owners and entrepreneurs talking about their best practices - from using social media as a marketing tool to ways to scale a business and make a million dollars (tips on that are always welcome). 


Bang & Olufsen
Beoplay E8

I feel that in the business world, and specifically the freelance kind, sharing experiences and best practices are so valuable to anyone, yet isn't something you're always get exposed to in your network! Many people still tend to keep it their literal 'personal business', being worried that publicly sharing struggles will damage their image or, on the other side of the spectrum, that people will copy their tools for success. That's why I love listening to the above podcasts, to get a sense of community and to use experiences & insights from other entrepreneurs to strengthen my business. Which is also something I'm hoping to achieve here with NOA NOIR - more conversations! On that note: what are some of your favourite podcasts?