Travel / Wardrobe Curation


This week I have an exciting trip coming up: I’ll finally be traveling back to Vancouver! It’s been 3 years since my last visit and, as some of you might still remember, it’s the city I lived in for nearly 4 years prior to my move back to Europe (read more about that here). Admittedly, seeing some of my closest friends in real life again after such a long time, also means that I’ve been spending quite some time thinking about what looks I should pack for the “occasion”. As always, I want my outfits to be as easy as possible, but also look elevated. While thinking about what I might want to wear — and can make work come rain or shine — I like to look up some outfit inspiration, but also honestly think about what I wear most in my day-to-day. I’ve made the mistake in the past of packing all the “special pieces”, only ending up reaching for my go-to denim and tee combination. I always thought going on a trip is a perfect moment to experiment, but time after time I end up repeating the same look, leaving 60% of the packed pieces untouched in my luggage. Sounds familiar?

So, favorite, go-to items it is! And I realized that packing for this trip is at the same time the perfect moment to re-evaluate my wardrobe: what do I absolutely want to bring, which pieces can I easily style into different looks and which are the pieces that I truly like, but experience more as a hassle to wear or bring along? Below, my verdict — my ultimate, go-to, love to wear and will definitely pack wardrobe pieces — along with some outfit inspiration that match my current style mood…


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