5 Trans-seasonal Looks

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Because this in-between season, with its fickle weather situations, can make it difficult to get dressed — or feel inspired — I decided to share five of my go-to trans-seasonal outfits with you. These looks take you from (home) office, to client meeting, and aperitivo with friends after work. And, of course, they’re great to wear on the weekend as well.

As always, my aim is to create looks that are put-together, without sacrificing on comfort, with pieces that are versatile and last for seasons to come. If you would like to see the looks in motion (movement is everything, right?), check out my the ‘Daily Looks’ Highlight on my Instagram. More of my wardrobe additions — or those I’m hoping to add soon — can also be found under my EDIT.

LOOK 1 —

Transseasonal Look 1 NOA NOIR.png

IVY & OAK Shirt (similar) / COS Trousers / Stilnest Necklace / AEYDE ‘Neil’ Boots

A look that scores both high on the scale in terms of comfort as well as dress up — these trousers were an emergency buy while in Australia, after I had just found out that I would fly directly from the 40+ heat to -6 cold in Stockholm. Even though I prefer to be a bit more considerate with my purchases (it’s a work in progress), I am so happy that this turned out to be such a great buy on a whim. I pair them with blouses and oversized knits alike… they just always work.

LOOK 2 —

Transseasonal Look 2 NOA NOIR.png

ARKET Blazer / ARKET Basic Tee / ARKET Denim / & Other Stories Sock Boots / Kozha Numbers ‘Utility’ Bag

This outfit has been on repeat a lot. Of course, all-black never fails, but I also love how easy it is to look dressed for any occasion when you throw a blazer on top of a denim + tee combo. This particular blazer is actually from the men’s section, but buying a couple sizes up in the women’s department will do the trick as well. I always feel this kind of look doesn’t need much else — except for one of my favourite bags, perhaps.

LOOK 3 —

Transseasonal Look 3 NOA NOIR.png

Vintage Trench Coat (similar) / ARKET Blazer / ARKET Denim / AEYDE ‘Neil’ Boots /
Sonya Lee ‘Half Yuliana’ Bag / The Line of Sun ‘Seed’ Earrings

Possibly the most colourful look in a while, but I am so into the combination of these shades. It is fresh, but still looks very clean and muted. I think the sage green-ish shade of this trench coat kicked it off, the blazer in a cool beige followed shortly after. I got a lot of questions about the trench coat, and I wish I had better news to share with you: but “unfortunately” it’s a vintage number that I found on a local Sunday market here in Berlin. Score! I did manage to find some similar coats to share with you though…

LOOK 4 —

Transseasonal Look 4 NOA NOIR.png

ARKET Leather Shirt / ARKET Denim / AEYDE ‘Lou’ Boots / Jerome Studios ‘Mini Ruffle’ Bag

Oh yes, THE leather shirt I’ve been talking about (and showing off) on Instagram this past week. It’s the newest addition to my wardrobe and I haven’t had a chance to wear it on repeat… but don’t fret, it is very likely that it will happen. Personally I prefer to style it done up, but I have seen others rocking it as more of a jacket (I feel like I can’t quite pull of that look). As for the rest of the look? Keeping it simple — as usual — with the mini bag as my only accessory.

LOOK 5 —

Transseasonal Look 5 NOA NOIR.png

ARKET Sweater / Ania Kuczynska Trousers (similar) / AEYDE ‘Neil’ Boots / ARKET Belt (similar)

To me, this is the epitome of a comfy, cozy trans-seasonal look. Basically, this outfit looks a lot more elegant than it feels to wear it… Also, as you might have noticed, I am all for a cinched waist — it’s an easy way to elevate a look and it works well with my body type (small waist, wider hips). What isn’t easy, though, is finding the trousers that checks all the marks: high waist, just the right leg width, the “perfect” length… thankfully I have found a few good ones — tried and true!

I’m curious to hear: which look is your favourite?
And do you have a weekday uniform you reach for time after time?

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