The Quest For Loafers


I used to wear loafers all-the-time, especially a studded version from Zara, I rarely ever left the house with a different pair on. Now I am still a big fan, but for the longest time I wasn't able to find a simple, clean, quality pair without any tassles, textures or other detailing. What I thought would be an easy find, turned into a 2+ year quest. There was just always something, however small the detail, that wasn't quite right. Until last week... when I visited COS and bumped into these. First day in store and only two pairs left... none of which in my size of course. Thankfully I was able to hunt down my size, with a little help from a friend, and all is right in the world my wardrobe again. Because, you know, I barely have any other pairs of shoes to wear... ;-)

FashionLeonie Markhorst