No Frills


I am not one for too many frills - both in the way I dress and my lifestyle. It may be credited to my love for a more minimalist aesthetic and (sometimes OCD-level) hankering for some/any kind of balance (I am a Libra after all)... or it could have something to do with one of my less favourable (but strong) personality traits: impatience.

That might sound as an odd connection at first, but it's no secret that our personality influences our personal style. I don't always know what I want or what I should choose (Libra... cliche), but once I do and have my mind set on something, I just go for that and don't want anything else that might mess up what's in my mind. That's kind of how I dress too. Not too much colour, not too many accessories, and most certainly not too many details that may mess up "the structure". No frills. Because I favour subtlety (and focus).

Though, despite being sometimes stuck in my ways, I also need to break out of my usual. That's why I enjoy throwing myself into uncomfortable situations (starting from scratch in new countries) and, in my outfits, giving those exact things that I "would never wear" a chance. So here, a little bit of frill after all - perfectly balanced out with an otherwise very structured blazer.

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