In The Name Of...


Keeping it brief today... there's only so much I can say about my look (it's head-to-toeankle Samsøe Samsøe & it's awesome) and I am not in a particularly chatty mood. Have been feeling a bit under the weather all week and today it's been really been a bit of a struggle. Lots to do, but currently working at "sloth pace" and slowly but surely covering myself up in piles of tissues (TMI?) and lots of fruit... You see, a vitamin deficiency is, for once, not to blame here, but I figured it can't hurt either; maybe it'll speed things up. It's quite the blogger problem really, that gave me this untimely cold. Turns out that shooting in -degrees for 3+ hours (with bare ankles) on a weekly basis will do that to you. All in the name of fashion! Or something like that...

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