Never Too Much


Is there such thing as "too much marble"? In my books: absolutely not. I have shared my obsession with the stone/print many times before and I've even shown you my (ridiculous?) collection of marble home decor pieces... which has actually grown even more ever since. Now, slowly but surely, I am moving from white/grey marble to black marble. Unfortunately, that version is much harder to find.

Which is why I decided to take matters into own hands and designed my own black marble print silk scarf. Yes, that's right folks, I am a designer now! ;-) I am still very much into the whole neck scarf & choker trend, so when I came across Hunting Hue - an Australian company offering personalized scarves, pocket squares & napkins - I knew instantly what needed to be done. And so my design career was set up, with just a couple minutes of my time and a few clicks with the mouse.

The result: a really cool accessory to match my minimal style & the 100th addition to my marble collection...

FashionLeonie Markhorst