The Stopover


There is one accessory I have worn every single day for the past 10 years, yet I have never shared it here: my glasses. Spending the majority of my days behind (or in front of) a screen, my eyes need a little support to avoid getting bad headaches. All those years I have worn the same frames - until recently when I decided that it was time to get my eyes measured again (and swap the ol' dark Gucci frames for something more suitable...) Turns out, it was high time for a change surprise! and, well, my eyes could use a little more support these days. Unsurprisingly, because a decade ago we weren't glued to our screens as much as we are now... that, and old age, of course ;-)

The good news: I now have the chance to play around with new styles and find something that suits my minimal aesthetic and perhaps adds something new to my looks. The basic requirements for my new frames: minimal design, subtle statement, suitable for any occasion. It wasn't a difficult search...


Enter Ace & Tate - this Amsterdam-based eye wear brand and their designs have been on my radar for quite some time. I have mentioned before that branding and brand values are important to me, I like it when a brand can inspire me beyond their products or services. Ace & Tate produces high-quality, timeless designer frames that will stand the test of time (and an ever-developing personal style). This is something that is important to me, not because I want to stick to one pair for the next decade again, but because I like the idea of owning items that I love at this point in time and in 10 years from now.


The Stopover. Transitioning from winter into spring (can-not-wait), Ace & Tate's latest collection is a selection of rounder frames to round off the AW15 season. The collection consists of three frames: NeilDave & Roth - all the styles make a subtle statement with their effortless, refined design. Right up my alley!

For this look I chose the 'Neil' in satin silver. The thin metal frame and stripped-back appeal is perfect for days where I am out & about and want to keep things light. On these days I go for looks that work for any occasion... no fuss is key.

I believe the 'Neil' frame is the most versatile of the three styles, because it's just such a contemporary twist on the classic wire rim - it will look great with any outfit. I will be showing how I style the 'Dave' and 'Roth' frames as well... keep an eye out on Instagram!