Minimalist, Differently


It's almost as though someone decided to grab some colouring pencils and go to town on our looks... All three of us are usually more muted dressers - with maybe here and there a little colour - and generally don't reach for baby blue and bubblegum pink pieces. Until we stopped by One of a Few - a great boutique in Gastown, Vancouver, where they sell a lot of interesting pieces from designers across the world.

Oddly enough, these looks were also not coordinated and kind of came together organically. Perhaps it's a testament to our close friendship. As Randa wrote in her first 'Reflections' post, when we first became friends we had a different, but complimentary style. Just as our friendship became closer, so did our personal styles. Alas, I'll let you read the rest of our romance on Randa and Sharday's spaces. They sure know how to make me tear up... but - fun fact - I am the sentimental softie of the three of us... I know, who would've thought ;-)

As for the look, for me it all started out with the T-shirt. At first sight it looks like a plain white tee, but it actually has a little lady stitched on that I just constantly had to laugh about. Unfortunately she's hiding under the jacket in these photos, but you can get a better look at her in this photo. Once I grabbed the first piece, the rest of the outfit came together rather quickly. It's fun how much a switch of colour can have on your outfit. Had the jacket been grey or black, nobody would have said a thing, but with it being pink, I even received text messages asking me if I were OK (tricky question to ask one day after turning a year older).

Truth is, I love having more of a signature look of muted outfits, it's very convenient too, but every now and then I like to change things up. And it really only is the injection of a bit of colour; other than that the look is still 'me'. And minimal, just differently.

What are your thoughts on this look and on changing things up in general?

Make-up by Jocelyn at Sephora on Robson Street Vancouver. Blonde by Chris Weber. All clothes via One of a Few.