Code Word: Drama


I am so excited to share the first set of photos that I shot on my recent trip to Vancouver. Once I had booked the plane tickets one thing was immediately added to my schedule: shooting with my two loves Randa & Sharday. A few years ago we already shot minimal summer looks together, so now it was high time to do a fall/winter edition. Shot by the awesome Mr. Jeremy Wong - as recommended by a mutual friend - I knew the results would be great.

Believe it or not, we didn't actually plan the green & black combo - but you know what they say: "great minds..." It is kind of a dramatic, but elegant colour combination. Ever since I have added this amazing IVY & OAK coat I have been feeling the combination and it has inspired me to dress the part. The tiny minimal earrings I used to reach for have been exchanged for bigger hoops and other fun shapes. Maybe it's also the artsy wave that is making its way through Instagram & beyond or the cozy cool weather... I am not sure, but I am all for volumes right now. Statements, ideally always, but this season the less subtle way.

In any case, back to the coat: it has really been a huge compliment magnet. Whether I was in Holland, Germany or Canada... people constantly asked me about it. Friends mostly were surprised by the fact that I am back to wearing a bit more colour (you just wait until the next set of Vancouver photos...) The Berlin-based brand, IVY & OAK, has become a new favourite of mine. From their collections, to their concept and branding, it's all right up my alley and with a brand like that, it's not hard to stick to the philosophy of buying less, but choosing well.

Paired with new goodies from Amsterdam designer Avelon (how good are the top and trousers?!), I felt this outfit was comprised of the best of two worlds: Netherlands and Germany. My worlds. With a splash of Canada for good measure ;-)

Make-up by Jocelyn at Sephora on Robson Street Vancouver. // Beautiful blonde by my favourite Chris Weber.