A Curated Wardrobe


I already mentioned that an edited wardrobe helps me clear my mind. Of course, it's nothing new that your environment helps (or hinders) your focus - after all, it's easy to get distracted if you're working in a cluttered space. But consuming - and, sometimes, being consumed by - fashion practically 24/7, your closet has sometimes a bigger impact on you than you'd expect.

At times I feel overwhelmed scrolling through my insta feed, catching up on fashion business, flipping through magazines and talking about fashion in general. I get caught up in "who wore what", new collections, the latest IT items... a lot of information that I actually don't really care about. But it's easy to get sucked into it when you just wanted to find some inspiration. It's not just overwhelming, it's also super distracting. I am not really a trend follower (at least not consciously), I don't actively keep up with the runway shows and honestly, I love some of those hot items (hello Chanel slingbacks), but the chance that I'll buy them is pretty small.

It gives me this tingly feeling that I need to run out and buy new items, try different looks, "step up my game". I am all for trying new things, but more often than not all I 'buy' in these situations is buyers' regret... nothing that strengthens my personal style (or improves my life in any way). I know what I want to wear, I know which pieces are truly "me", yet my wardrobe is cluttered with things I don't love (and most of the time don't even like). We all know that personal style, the way you dress, is an extension of your mood & your personality... and having a cluttered wardrobe affects your mood negatively. I am sure you are familiar with how quickly plans for a great night can change in major frustration when you can't find the right outfit... ;-) Total first world problem, of course, but it sucks nonetheless. (Also for the men in our lives, I'm sure hehe!)

And while some people will roll their eyes or chuckle at this, I truly think that your wardrobe affects your overall focus. Well, if you're in fashion, definitely. Because as much as I love styling looks, there are times where I frankly just have better sh*t to do than to decide on what I am wearing. Though at the same time, I still care about looking (and feeling) put-together, so it's key that getting dressed (properly) is a matter of a couple of minutes. This is why a curated wardrobe is key: you should only own and wear pieces that suit your personal style, look good on you and that can be easily mixed and matched. Not only does an
organized closet look clean in your interior, but it also makes you feel good and confident (!), because everything you own is 'you' and helps you dress -and get dressed - more effortlessly. And so you can fully focus on your priorities.