Touch of Gold


Gold is slowly making its way back into my looks (and heart). After a few years of wearing only silver, I am ready to switch things up a bit again. Most days I still feel like silver is just the right amount of 'bling' that I want to add, but sometimes a look can handle a little more... My mom recently gifted me a family heirloom - a beautiful golden chain bracelet - and I believe that sparked the change. After all, some pieces are too beautiful (and meaningful) to stay carefully wrapped up in a jewellery box.

Not quite wrapped up in a box, but certainly too pretty not to wear: this suede grey chain bag from TheSLCTD. This little eye catcher turned out to be the perfect purse to carry from day to night (it fits everything I'd need)... and a little daytime luxury never hurt anyone, right? I love how it pops with this all-black look, but come spring I'll definitely combine it with a pair of vintage Levi's 501 and a white tee. Lots of styling opportunities once the sun comes out! This beauty gets my vote for IT bag of the season.