Art Of Decorating


Ah, the art of decorating: it definitely is a work in progress. While it's quite frustrating (being not the most patient person...) that I can't implement all the ideas in my head and create a "Pinterest perfect" home straight away, I do enjoy the process. But I seem to forget one thing every time: even though I like spending money, I am not huge on thoroughly sourcing the items on my imaginary wishlist. Instead I always hope to sort of run into them (on Instagram mostly).

After getting my fix big time when it comes to my marble & cacti obsessions - I've been told "enough is enough"... - I am now looking for great posters and prints for a gallery wall. The shelves are up, so it's time to get browsing stores scrolling my Insta feed!

By the way, I have included below a some of my favourite marble pieces as requested by a few of you. Now if you can give me some suggestions on great prints, we'll have a win-win situation ;-)