Playing Favourites


Another addition to my home: this industrial clothing rack from Rackbuddy! One of three, to be precise, but I'll show you the others in different posts.

I had been on the look-out for the right clothing rack for a long time as I wanted to create a bit of a 'styling corner' in my home to prep for shoots and projects. And, of course, highlighting my wardrobe favourites!

I've always been a fan of showing what you've got and not hiding your clothing and accessories behind doors and in drawers. An open closet can be a great way to decorate (and show some personality!) a room, plus you'll have a better overview of the pieces that you own. Which comes in handy when I feel the urge to take yet another pair of black denim jeans or a white button-up home with me...

My personal style is pretty solid, so throughout the seasons my wardrobe go-to's don't change a whole lot. The past few months I've been reaching more for feminine pieces - styling a pretty pair of heels with my good ol' jeans or switching up my basic COS tees for a blouse. Other than that, the usual suspects are still going strong, just in a lighter palette than in my previous wardrobe staples post (which was ages ago!).

I feel that I could almost get away with having this selection as my capsule wardrobe. With the right accessories there are so many styling opportunities. Which is probably why I have been focusing more on adding new pairs of shoes and bags rather than clothing. In regard to the latter I always reach for more of the same anyway...