Dry Brushing 101


I am a big proponent of a 'no fuss' life when it comes to daily routines. Especially in the early hours of the day as I am really not a morning person. I grew up with at least 6 alarm clocks scattered across the room and yet I still managed to sleep through the noise and run late. Nowadays I manage to get up using one alarm clock after hitting snooze for approx. 3 hours, but even when I am not rushing I like to keep my routine as minimal as possible.

When it comes to skincare I am pretty loyal, up until the point where I feel that something is missing. I'd rather not mess with my sensitive dry skin if I don't have to, but when I came across this thing called "dry brushing" I felt intrigued. I had seen those brushes many times in drug stores, but I always thought they were some kind of backscratchers for old people with no real benefit other than relieving an itch...

I was so wrong! Almost immediately after I started dry brushing my body I started to notice a difference. I felt more awake, energized and ready for the day. Now after almost two months I have a smooth, glowing skin, better blood flow (as far as I can tell), and overall a better feeling in my skin. For the longest time I had this achy feeling in my muscles on a regular basis, but since I added the dry brushing to my routine I haven't felt it anymore. Which is truly worth celebrating, because that aching feeling is the worst.

For those of you who aren't familiar with dry skin brushing yet, here's a quick summary (there are lots of in-depth articles on it out there!).

Dry Skin Brushing 101

Simply put: dry skin brushing is brushing your skin with a dry brush before you hit the shower. Not only does it exfoliate and tighten your skin, it has some serious health benefits as well.

Dry brushing boosts circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system in your body -an important part of the body's immune system- and helps release toxins and aids in digestion and kidney function. Also, many have claimed that it helps to reduce cellulite...

The best part of the routine? (besides all the benefits of course) It only takes a couple of minutes to brush your whole body from your feet to your chest! Definitely worth getting up for five minutes earlier I say.

What do you think? Will you give it a try?