Fleur For Face


In the last couple of months I have been battling with pretty bad skin. As I have mentioned before, I have always had a very sensitive skin, but lately it feels like I have hit puberty all over again (although I think my skin wasn't as bad back then). As soon as something changes in my somewhat "routine", my skin reacts straight away. Lack of sleep, dehydration and stress are the usual suspects, but even a certain type of food can suddenly cause a major outbreak. And I am not even talking allergies here.

Throughout the years my face has stayed pretty clear (literally) of the issues and I have always been extremely careful with the products I'd use to try avoid outbreaks at all times. This is why I probably feel even more uncomfortable and self-conscious about the way my facial skin has flared up recently. Because I prefer to treat my skin properly - from the inside-out - rather than smacking on layers of make-up to cover up any flaws (I am not very skilled at doing my make-up anyway), I have changed up my beauty regimen a little and added some new skincare products.


Since my skin has been problematic both in terms of red bumps and blemishes and dryness, I have started using two different serums from Fleur de Santé. The Serum Anti-Imperfections is a targeted treatment to help achieve healthy skin by treating red spots and controlling the oil levels in the skin. The texture of the serum is very interesting: super light, but not kind of liquid-y like you'd expect. Definite bonus! The other one, the Serum Hydratant, has a cooling texture and both targets signs of dehydration and offers anti-aging protection. When I use this serum, my skin looks more illuminated and actually feels less tense straight away. I also like that both serums have a light, fresh, slightly floral smell (thankfully nothing overpowering). All-in-all I am very pleased with my new skincare additions as my skin is already looking more calm and dewy... and yes, my bathroom counter looks great too ;-)

As with many quality products, it takes a little while before the skin properly benefits from the treatment (there is no such thing as long-lasting instant magic), so I'll share an update in about a month. But... so far, so good!