My Wardrobe Staples


In an attempt to get dressed more effortlessly and shifting my focus from fashion to other (more important) matters, I wanted to show you my current wardrobe staples. These are the corner stones of my looks: the fail-safe items that I reach for time after time because they make me feel put-together and they work with practically everything else in my wardrobe. And most importantly... they make getting dressed in the morning so much easier.


1. Classic long black coat 
2. Black turtleneck sweater 
3. Classic silk blouse 
4. Black basic longsleeve with high neck
5. Black cropped flare pants 
6. Basic black tee & basic white tee 
7. Black high waisted jeans with fringed hems
8. Levi's 501 denim (ideally vintage) 
9. Quality black low V-neck top 
10. White button-up shirt with oversized bell sleeves

Subtle statement loafers 
Classic white sneakers 
Everyday leather ankle boots 
Black suede kitten heeled pumps

Black fedora and/or grey fedora 
Versatile black shoulder bag

While these items are my staples, I wouldn't say they are true wardrobe must-haves. I always find it funny when I come across articles that try to tell us what clothing and accessories we absolutely must own... frankly, it's such BS. Not only are these must-haves often too generalized, I find most of them quite old-fashioned as well (a pencil skirt and a good pair of "basic pumps"?!). Wardrobe staples are subjective: it really depends on your personal aesthetic and your lifestyle. Only after curating your wardrobe many times (personal style is always evolving), you can slowly but surely put together a collection of staples.

And while most people suggest building your wardrobe around staples, I think it's exactly the other way around. Build your wardrobe and then identify your staples. That way you know which pieces you reach for time after time and you can justify buying higher priced quality versions of them. What are your wardrobe staples?