Signature Scent


Chanel No 5 - my signature scent for the past 11 years. While a lot of people call it an old lady smell, to me it is one of the very few perfumes I really like (and I'll just take the "old" part as classic ;-). Over the past few years I have added the Eau Premiere version as well - mostly for spring/summer - which is a little lighter than the original. I find scents always such a tricky thing; it can add so much to your mood and to memories. I have tried (and failed) many times to find some alternatives, mostly due to the fact that after 10+ years I have attached so many memories to one scent. It's similar to wanting to attach a certain song to an awesome summer for example (or am I the only one who wants a "theme song" to attach memories to?).

So much has changed over the years and now that I have started a new adventure back in Europe, I want to attach a new scent to that. The other day I actually found not one but two (!) perfumes that are really great: BYREDO Gypsy Water and Bal D'Afrique. Hmm now I just gotta pick...