The Boros Collection


In search of more inspiration I visited the Boros Collection last week. An exhibition space (spanning 3000 square meters spread over 80 rooms) showcased contemporary art from artists from all over the world in one of Berlin's overground bunkers. And let me tell you, this was not 'just a bunker'... but a railway bunker turned air-raid shelter turned prison turned warehouse turned dark techno/fetish club turned erotic trade fair turned art space (and Boros' penthouse). If only these walls could talk... I would probably walk away with a lot more than inspiration (read: freaky stories).

It was definitely an interesting exhibition to visit, although I mostly felt drawn to the industrial vibes and concrete-everything of the bunker rather than the, sometimes really odd, pieces of art... and "art". I feel like I never really play by the rules when I look at art (the low marks in high school on my art interpretations always confirmed that feeling); for me it's all about translating what I see into something I know rather than interpreting the meaning or emotion behind a piece of art. Especially when it's very surreal and abstract. I look at textures, structures, colours and translate that into inspiration for creating new looks or interior styling.

First up: creating a room with the sole purpose of having enough popcorn to roll around in it!

Bunker, Reinhardstr. 20
10117 Berlin-Mitte

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