Silver Lining


Super excited to share a little more about last week's project in Hamburg! I spent the day at Salon Moij where hair stylist (or colouring magician - seriouslyChris Weber gave my look a much needed change.

As you know I have been talking about changing my hair colour for a long time now, but I never really bit the bullet because I didn't want to visit a random salon. I don't get my hair done as much as I should (oops), but when I do go I want to get it done properly. I have been following Chris' work for a while and always regretted not visiting him at the salon in Vancouver. Buuut... lucky for me, Chris is spending a few months in Europe, so I jumped at the opportunity to make an appointment with him. He knew already what I wanted to do with my hair... Instagram inspo for the win.

Arriving at Moij I instantly felt at home - such a beautiful space, really friendly people and my favourite haircare brand. Plus, wifi... Wohoo! Moij is probably the nicest (and most inspiring!) salon I've ever visited. We joked that I should come to Hamburg every time to get my hair done, but who knows, I may actually be that crazy. A good excuse for a day trip to a beautiful city ;-)

But yes honestly I am so happy I got to work with Chris and the Moij team. My hair turned out so great - Chris picked the perfect shade of silver that actually looks different depending on how the light shines on it. Keeps people guessing: white? blonde? grey? silver? blue? I feel like the colour of clothing influences that perception as well... or maybe that's just an excuse to continue with the necessary changes in my wardrobe (37 degrees and I'm ready for Fall). Ha!

If you feel like a change as well and you happen to be in Germany between August 20-26, I have great news! Chris will work as a guest stylist at Moij that week and there are still some spots available... Needless to say, I highly recommend it!