Skagen: (Dis)Connect


One of the things I struggle most with these days is disconnecting when a little rest is needed. Client projects, social media, the blog; 90% of my work life happens on screens. My eyes have turned into squares and my fingers... well, I suppose the "texting thumb" struggle is real (plus I've got an indent on my right pinky).

I have always considered it part of the job, which it is of course, but lately I have realized that taking some time away from the online world is necessary to staying creative & feeling fresh. As a freelancer I find it really hard to switch off though, because I don't want to ghost my clients whenever I feel like I need a break... But on the flip side I am able to deliver better work when there's a good balance between online / offline.

In my pursuit to finding the perfect hack, I have tried a lot of different things. But - as is the case with restrictions (aka chocolate) - not allowing myself to check in on my emails or Instagram made me think (and worry) about it way more.


But now, thanks to SKAGEN, I have found the perfect solution. With their Hybrid Smartwatch I am able to stay connected while disconnecting. Honestly, it's been the perfect gadget to getting the balance right. The watch is connected to the SKAGEN app via Bluetooth and comes with a variety of different options. From activity and sleep to goal tracking and more, there are a lot of handy options to use in your daily life. But to me, the message function has been my biggest help. You can add a few people to your notification list and when they send you a message, you'll feel a gentle buzz. It helps me to stay focused on other tasks (or enjoying my time off), while still being aware of any news coming in. No more frantically checking my phone every few minutes, which takes off a lot of pressure and guilt when you step away from the computer for a while... Definitely a win for me!


Sponsored post by SKAGEN for their Hybrid Smartwatch -- 
but an honest review of my own experience with the product.