The Coat


You know those items that should be easy to find, but somehow you can never find the right one? They are often the simplest of pieces - basics, really - yet once you start the search they are nowhere to be found. A good pair of everyday ankle boots, items in a nice shade of grey, the perfect fitting high-waisted black trousers... (still looking for those) Or, a new winter coat. How I exactly wanted it to be - I wasn't sure - I'd know when I'd see it. But it had to be black, long, classic and a little different. I know... You're either rolling your eyes right now or you can totally relate: it's the worst when you know the requirements, but can't point out what the item exactly should look like. We'll file that one under #shitfashiongirlssay ;-)

In any case, this coat wasn't The One, but more a case of "let's give this one a try". I can't really tell you why I hesitated, maybe it was the fact that it wasn't ankle-length (I did say 'long'), but it doesn't matter. Because, as it turns out, sometimes universe turns a piece of buyers' regret into your new favourite coat...

FashionLeonie Markhorst