Fearless Fashion


What comes to mind when you hear or read 'fearless fashion'? Extravagant looks, wild hair and make-up, something completely out-of-the-box? While I might have thought that way about the definition of 'fearless' (in a fashion sense) a year ago, today fearlessness means quite the opposite. Not that I have ever been so out there with my looks, also not in my colourful phase, but there were times when I felt as though I could only stand out by trying something a little more crazy. As a new blogger, I thought doing so would make me stand out, that it would make me look daring. Little did I know, I looked like a try-hard... and it was easy to spot the ingenuity. I don't mind that I put myself out on the online world looking like a peacock at times. It is all part of experimenting (and having fun!) with fashion. These days I am a lot mellower when it comes to my looks and my take on fashion in general. I feel like it is a sign of growing up; discovering your true style and just going with it.

Fearless fashion is all about being comfortable with yourself, your style, and your preferences. Trends seem less important; they are now more of a seasonal twist rather than a guideline to what you should be wearing. I really like that development. That growing confidence in your own taste. It is something that is noticeable, and clearly genuine, and it is a lot more inspiring to others. Because now it is not so much anymore about what you are wearing, it is about how you are wearing it. With confidence - which kind of makes you vulnerable and strong at the same time. But you like what you like and you don't care what others think. You’re fearless.

And that is exactly what it’s all about. Staying true to your personal style and feeling absolutely at ease with yourself. 
Less is often more, and subtlety stands out.

FashionLeonie Markhorst