Monday Blues


Not feeling particularly blue this Monday, yet I am definitely feeling the blues lately when it comes to blue denim jeans and this new coat (yes, another one, #sorrynotsorry). Combined with the grey turtleneck - a perfect change from my go-to black ones - I feel that it gives just the right amount of "colour" on days where I want switch things up a little from the mostly all-black looks I wear.

What else is new? The Berlin Fashion Week activities are starting soon for me. Man, that came up so fast! The past week has been quite a blur for me as I am still recovering from some very nasty wisdom tooth surgery. It has taken longer than expected - and hoped for - alas, I used this down time to finally (understatement?) see what this TV show called 'Friends' is all about... Now it almost feels as if I actually had a social life this past week. Aaalmost.

FashionLeonie Markhorst