Blue Denim Contrast


Sticking to the classics this Spring season: that pair of vintage Levi's 501s, a comfy black cotton long sleeve top and the classic long black coat... which, surprisingly, I am still not tired of wearing (and hopefully you guys aren't tired of seeing me wearing it yet ;-).

On another note... This month has been a really odd one so far with lots of personal changes, hence the lack of updates around here. In these moments I sometimes wish I was less of a private person and would share my personal thoughts on here more, in the hopes that my words might resonate with some of you and we could have a better connection. I always love reading personal posts on other blogs and, I admit, business-wise it's a great way to drive traffic and increase engagement, but I find it intimidating to get that personal so publicly. You never know who is reading... It's one thing to share a bunch of pictures of yourself - which I still find awkward at times - it's another to make yourself vulnerable by sharing aspects of your life beyond the superficial.

I realize the strength of any great blog/website is the added (strong) personality, especially in shitty times when you have the ability to break through that fake highlight reel we all prefer to showcase, and get real for once. Though that is usually when I lose all inspiration and really can't be bothered styling a new look or sharing new buys. In those times I really couldn't care less about fashion and the whole world around it... all I want is personal connections with people, good conversations, and wearing the most comfy "thoughtless" outfit I own.

We all get lost so easily in a pretend world where everything is "soooo amazinggg" (and where we are all "sooooo busy") that we forget about what really matters in life and how much of an impact social media has on our well-being. The last few weeks I have spent more time away from the screen(s) in the company of people I care about, doing things that had nothing to do with fashion... and it was GREAT. Even when you are passionate about something, it is good to step away from it on a regular basis to keep yourself in check and stay inspired.

One of the things that made me feel down this month was the fact that my best (and first) friend in Berlin moved away to San Francisco this month. We always hung out regularly, but her last few weeks in town we really spent a lot more time together doing our rounds of eating cake, drinking wine, exploring the city... it was a lot of fun. In fact, I enjoyed it SO much that I did not feel the need to take pictures for Instagram or think about Snapchat. It was relaxing. Compared to many other bloggers I am a lot less connected on social media, but it still puts me on edge sometimes. I don't know how some other bloggers do it - documenting every single aspect of their life day in and out - only visiting restaurants that are Instagram-worthy or serve food that looks good as part of a flatlay. It makes me nervous just thinking about it and I don't know if this makes me a "bad blogger", but I very consciously draw the line and decide not to share every aspect of my life. Besides the fact that I always wonder who actually cares where I eat my favourite avocado sandwich* (or what it looks like), I also don't like to make my life seem like it's one awesome ride through an Instagram dreamworld. Because, you know, it's not... and when you really think about it, it's ridiculous to try and pretend like we're all living the life - while, in fact, we carefully curate every aspect of real life until it looks f*cking awesome (excusez-moi) in a picture that we share with a bunch of people we don't know while ignoring the good friend we are sitting next to, who is patiently (and slightly frustated) waiting for us to get back to real life and connect with him/her... offline.

Ok, end rant! I actually just meant to write about the fact that I like the contrast between light blue denim and all-black haha! But I would love to hear your thoughts on the above and whether or not you would like/appreciate more insights into my personal life... because if so, I'll make an effort to open up a little more ;-)