When Life...


... gives you lemons: you just gotta deal with it.

Expat life is a fantastic thing, truly one of the best experiences you can give yourself, but it definitely also has its downsides. Living abroad comes with highs and lows, just like anyone's life really, but I feel that living in a new city or country can amplify that feeling at times (both positively and negatively).

Being new in a city means you have to start a lot of things from scratch. Which is awesome when you get to decorate your new home, but it sometimes sucks when it comes to making new friends. Something you don't really worry about when you're younger, because you meet new people all the time through school, sports, parties... But it's a bit of a different story when you work from home and haven't joined any clubs yet. It can get lonely.

Back in Vancouver I met most of my (now) friends through the blog - often through fellow bloggers-turned-friends or chatting with people at events. I thought it would be the same in Berlin, but it turns out that the fashion community is a little different here (that's a topic for a separate post).

Not to be a bit of a downer, but in all honesty sometimes there are more important things in life than writing posts. At least that's how I feel and that's why it has been a little quiet here in the past couple of weeks. When life demands you to focus on other (more) important things offline for a little while, I find it hard to feel inspired to write. We all know that online life mostly portrays a highlight reel of what is going on - which is fine for the most part - but it can also be a bit depressing when your own life isn't currently filled with new purchases, tropical destinations or exciting projects... but rather with job search, budgets and getting settled.

So today I am just keeping it real: no highlight reel, just life. Because even when you live abroad it's not all one big adventure. And that's ok.