Talking Heels


Ok, we need to talk about those shoes that make you feel and look great instantly... heels. Well, the 'feel' part is what I needed to have a little chat about with you today. At the risk of sounding like a total granny (even though I haven't hit my 30s yet), but man, I can't rock heels like I used to anymore!

On the one hand my loafer love is to blame (aah the comfort of flats), on the other hand I wonder if it has to do with age. Seriously, I know, I am going there.

Last weekend we celebrated my friend and her upcoming wedding, and obviously I wanted to dress up for the occasion. I threw on my beloved black pointy pumps and was on my way to what was going to be a super fun girls night. Hours later, after dinner and a karaoke/dance party, we walked to a club to end the celebrations and it was here that it hit me. The pain from wearing my heels. In my feet, in my knees (!!! wtf)... What was going on? (I tell you what was going on: I didn't numb it with enough cocktails and/or champagne).

Anyways, that's when I started to wonder at which point wearing heels had really become a pain... and why. It's quite unfortunate. Because I do love them. Which reminds me of a Dutch saying - that English native speakers seem to find really weird every time I tell them - which we (apparently) crazy Dutch people tell each other: "who wants to be pretty needs to suffer pain". Is that weird? I kind of always used it as a valid argument as to why I was wearing sky-high heels. Ya, now that I think about it I can see why my foreign friends weren't too sure about this statement... :-)

But what about you? Do you truly enjoy wearing heels? Are you on the "wrong" (pff) side of 25 and suffer the same signs of old age? (hahaa) Do you have any tips? Should I just suck it up? ;-)