Talking Comfort

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In the last couple of years I have become a lot more relaxed with the way I dress. I don't like hassle and appreciate the no-fuss approach to dressing that a large part of the European fashion scene lives by.

No-fuss doesn't mean "no thought": it's all about making it seem like you just threw something on. The French editors are the queens of (seemingly) effortless dressing. I love how they can just wear a good pair of denim & a basic top and still inspire so many others. Sure, it's part the attitude, but it's also about picking the right basics.

For whatever reason I have always had a hard time finding decent basic tops that are super easy to style, but don't make an outfit look too casual. You need the perfect combination of the right material & the right fit (the latter is the most difficult I find).

This CSBLA top is a new favourite. I wear it at home as part of my comfy outfit, out to events with a nice blazer on top, and casually on a weekend with a pair of denim and leather jacket. It's extremely versatily and even after a lot of wear and frequent washing it still looks like new (no twisting seams here). An A+ in my books.