Summer Wardrobe


Every year I deal with the same dilemma: I count down the days until summer starts, but once it's here I am not prepared. At all. Well, sartorially speaking, because I just honestly have nothing to wear. Currently my options are pretty much limited to a pair of jeans + a tee (and Birks). That's as summery as it gets. I blame it on the purging I did in February before moving abroad - I limited it to a wardrobe I was able to wear at that time.

Needless to say, it's time to get ready for the sun! And "lucky" for me, it's definitely not summer in Berlin at the moment (sweater weather!) so it's the perfect time to do some research from the couch and click my favourites home...





PS. The photo above is from last summer's shoot with my two fav ladies in Vancouver!