Staying Grounded


From a young age I have been fascinated with heels. I still remember my first pair (I must have been 10 years old or so): an open wedge sandal with bright green plastic straps and an black open heel. Wait, what? My first pair of heels was a mule? Well yeah, I guess my “I will never wear mules!” statement isn’t valid anymore. (Or should I say, I was way ahead of the trend…)

Nowadays I still love heels – no other type of shoe will boost your confidence like a pair of stilettos – but they are not my #1 shoe of choice. My true love is, and likely always will be, a good pair of flats (especially loafers). They elevate any look while still keeping you grounded (ha!). They suit almost any occasion and outfit, and are a lot more comfortable. And as a fast walker, comfort is a requirement, because nobody likes to watch people stumble in heels. Although… it can be great entertainment ;-)

Even though my collection is quite humble, I think it’s pretty well-rounded (less is more?) Of course, I could always use another pair… Thinking of simple all-black loafers already…