Spiky Obsession

noa-noir-art-interior-home-decor-cactus-cacti-succulents-green-mini-plants-minimalistic noa-noir-art-interior-home-decor-cactus-cacti-succulents-green-mini-plants-minimalistic

I have developed a slight obsession and, lo & behold, it has nothing to do with fashion*. These little green guys (I call them lovingly "little weirdos") have stolen my heart and made their way into our new home. I love the way they look - so perfectly imperfect - and, most importantly, I am actually able to keep them alive. Cacti and succulents are a friend for those who, like me, have been cursed with what seems a black thumb. No matter, I am more than happy to fill my house with weirdos in any size. So far: 9 and counting!

* I say it has nothing to do with fashion, but we all know... they're #trending right now!