The Crazies


Remember I talked about those snakeprint shoes earlier this week? As you may have noticed, I was actually wearing them in that look, but since they didn't get a close-up I wanted to give them their own post. Because, actually, I don't think they're all that crazy at all (unless crazy cool counts). It's more so to diss my man a little because he thought I was joking when I first tried this pair on in the store. Nope, not joking! Sorry-not-sorry ;-)

I'm all for sticking to classic all-black, but you have to agree with me that these shoes just really make a statement. (Whether or not that statement is a matter of 'taste/no taste' is subjective...)

Turns out my team of fellow snakeskin lovers is big enough to get asked about the source of these shoes on the regular. Well people, they're from & Other Stories and still part of the current collection. You can find them here!