Smells Like Fall


Fall always feels like a fresh start to me and the perfect in-between season… You’re still motivated to make something out of your day and go on a little weekend adventure, but you are also more inclined to spend an evening in and cuddle up on the couch. And while I absolutely love exploring new cafés and stores around town, I truly am a homebody at heart. I’d take a movie marathon at home pretty much any time over a night out (I probably partied too much in my uni years). And when I do feel social, I would rather have friends come over for dinner or card games.

With more time spent at home, I always want to make sure it’s extra cozy and comfortable. I love it when it’s pouring down outside and I can just hang out inside and relax—velvet house suit included.

One of the things I always stock up on is lots and lots of candles. It has become quite the habit to light a bunch of them every evening. As with perfumes, I am very particular about scents. There are not many smells that I like, and when a scent is too strong it can actually make me quite nauseous. So, for the longest time, I have stuck to my favourite types of scented candles. They smell great when burning, but, with two pets in the house, I have always looked for a fragrance that lingers a while longer… So I was happy when I discovered Glade Wax Melts: cubes of scented wax that melt on an electric table-top dish. They come in a variety of different scents, but my current favourite is ‘Cashmere Woods’. The perfect Fall scent that fills the room and really adds to that coziness I want to create at home. And the best thing? The smell lasts up to 12 hours… no more kitty litter shame when guests come over! ;-)