This is only my third DIY attempt but I am very pleased with the result. As you know, marble is majorly trending at the moment and I don't mind jumping on that bandwagon at all. I have always had a thing for it, luckily, because my floors and bathroom walls are actually marble too. Because it's a super easy DIY (I mean, even I was able to do it with my two left hands), and the result is a fun addition to any home, it of course had to be shared with you!

All you need is:

The PS2012 sidetable from IKEA
Black paint & a brush
Marble adhesive contact paper

TO DO: Before putting together the table base, paint all the wooden parts black. Make sure it's completely dry before building it. Cover the white top with the marble adhesive paper (beware of air bubbles!) et voila you're done!

PS. The table comes with a white wired shelf, but I didn't want to use it. So instead I use it as a clipboard for cards.

Happy DIY-ing!