The Right Art

noa-noir-lifestyle-art-home-decor-scandinavian-interior-inspiration-coco-lapine noa-noir-lifestyle-art-home-decor-scandinavian-interior-inspiration-coco-lapine

It has been months since I mentioned that I was looking for some great artwork for my home, and yet nothing has changed since then. I suppose sometimes life gets in the way - that, and I wasn't able to find what I was looking for. Which isn't so odd, since I actually don't really know what I am looking for (do you know that dilemma?).

But then I came across the images of this beautiful Scandinavian home and it sparked something. Even though this isn't quite what I would display in my own home, I think it looks absolutely beautiful in this interior. The space is perfectly styled and I feel inspired by the combination of those brown leather chairs and the paintings. So good!