Minimalist Flower Ideas


A couple of weeks ago I got invited to a flower workshop at Soho House to discover my favourite flowers and learn how to style them in bouquets for myself and for others. Inspired by the afternoon, I wanted to share three ways to style flowers in a minimalistic interior - since my love for minimalism and a 'less is more approach' extends to my flower preference as well. I tend to decorate my home with flowers more during the colder months - I love the way they look in the cooler natural light.

noa-noir-lifestyle-home-interior-inspiration-minimalistic-design-scandinavian-all-white-flowers eucalyptus & white roses
noa-noir-lifestyle-home-interior-inspiration-minimalistic-design-scandinavian-all-white-flowers noa-noir-lifestyle-home-interior-inspiration-minimalistic-design-scandinavian-all-white-flowers eucalyptus + hydrangea in separate vases

noa-noir-lifestyle-home-interior-inspiration-minimalistic-design-scandinavian-all-white-flowers green hydrangeas in a glass bottle

I am very picky when it comes to everything decorating my home. Trying to ensure that everything fits the aesthetic is an ongoing struggle - not only does my mood sometimes causes "taste swings" (ha!), people also tend to bring me gifts for the home. I love getting flowers, and being so particular about my taste, I know how extra amazing the gesture is when the flowers are one of my favourites. That is why I often ask friends and family about their flower preferences - nothing beats receiving your favourite flower! It makes the gesture extra personal and special... even better when gifted "just because!".

During the workshop, that was part of the "Lieblingsblume" campaign (which is German for "favourite flower"), we got to make two bouquets: one for ourselves and one for someone else. One of the things that I loved most about it was how simple the idea was, yet so thoughtful, and it made me super excited about surprising friends & family more often with their flowers. Ok, and I'll add some for me - #treatyoself, right ;-)

Because I have several favourite flowers (lilies, hydrangeas, amaryllis, sweet peas, white roses...), but would not necessarily combine them all together into one bouquet, I always prefer to get a few different stems to style them in my home. This is also perfect when you have limited space on table tops, window sills and shelves. Even though I don't believe in following set styling rules, I just keep the tips below in mind when I want to add some greens to my interior.


Thank you to the team for the learnings + inspiration!
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