Spring Uniform


Confession: I am horrible when it comes to getting dressed in the summer. I barely own a summer wardrobe (no shorts, true story), unless you count my collection of T-shirts. I love the season, I really do, but I find it incredibly hard to find pieces that are summer-appropriate and suit my style. Every year it's the same struggle... I see lots of great items, but when I try them on it's just not right. Tops are often too short (I am not much of the crop top-type), shorts never fit right and let's not even get started about dresses... let's just say I am extremely picky when it comes to those.

So in the mean time I revert back to my regular uniform, but then the spring version: black denim jeans, black basic tee & some great accessories to spruce up the look. It's easy, comfortable and provides the perfect excuse to invest in some great sidekicks like pointed patent loafers, a fun (mini) bag or new jewellery...