Minimal Bohochic

noa-noir-fashion-outfit-minimal-bohochic-mbfwb-berlin-fashion-week-streetstyle-beach-party-outfit-ideas-haubentaucher-event noa-noir-fashion-outfit-minimal-bohochic-mbfwb-berlin-fashion-week-streetstyle-beach-party-outfit-ideas-haubentaucher-event

Last week I was invited to a pool party & sun downer at Berlin's hottest of hotspots: Haubentaucher. The occasion: Berlin Fashion Week (plus, who doesn't love a party). The dress code: bohochic. Hmmm... Not quite my go-to, but definitely a fun occasion to try something new. I wasn't going for the official bohochic look (if there is such a thing), but rather my own version of it. As you may have noticed I am having a thing for wider pants - and crop tops - at the moment, and it actually started with this look.

I am a bit over my current wardrobe (thinking of selling a bunch of items soon!), even though I still love a good skinny pant / baggy top combo, it was a breath of fresh air trying some new silhouettes. Plus, I still remember the comment of a former colleague, upon seeing me in a tighter top: "what! you actually have a waist!". Why yes, yes I do. And I actually would like to show it more often, if only a) wider tops weren't so casually cool comfy, b) it wasn't so hard to find feminine tops that aren't too short, sexy, revealing. Or all of the above. It's the whole 'can't find what I'm looking for thing' all over again like I mentioned before.

Anyways, back to this look: my version of minimal bohochic. And don't be fooled by the colour palette. I know it looks very colourful, but I swear... it's still only black, white & grey!