The Mini

noa-noir-fashion-outfit-monochromatic-style-mackage-aeyde-minimalist-streetstyle-inspiration noa-noir-fashion-outfit-monochromatic-style-mackage-aeyde-minimalist-streetstyle-inspiration noa-noir-fashion-outfit-monochromatic-style-mackage-aeyde-minimalist-streetstyle-inspiration

The Mini Bag... One of those things that looks cute (perhaps a bit awkward at the same time) and where the idea is better than the reality. I am all for carrying small bags - my shoulder too - but I am more the strap-kinda-girl. Which sounds a bit dirty, but I am talking bags, people! Really, to me, practicality is key when carrying a bag, especially since at least one hand is already dedicated to holding my phone basically 24/7. (I've got the weirdly formed pinky to prove it. Which may well be the next "Text Neck") Sad truth.

But you know, #fashiongirlproblems and all, you'll probably see me carrying the miniature bag more often. Because, just like with those rockin' high heels, sometimes (ahem) prettiness just wins over practicality.