Call me a sentamentalist (which would be true), or perhaps a materialist (well...), but I own many items that are very dear to me. They are keepsakes to remember events, people or places. Especially (fine) jewellery has that effect on me. My mom gave me a few beautiful pieces that are special to me and have become part of my go-to accessories. I love how they are so timeless and will only increase in value over time - both monetary and, yes, sentimentally.

This past Christmas I was surprised with another piece of jewellery. My step-grandmother brought me to tears when she gave me this beautiful white gold diamond ring. It had been a present from my late grandfather to her and she figured I would appreciate having something to remind me of him. Such a beautiful gesture!

Since then I have worn the ring every day because, luckily, it's another classic piece that suits my style perfectly.