One Day Look

noa-noir-fashion-outfit-levis-501-denim-minimal-streetstyle-inspiration-cropped-jeans noa-noir-fashion-outfit-levis-501-denim-minimal-streetstyle-inspiration-cropped-jeans

A bit of a throwback to a grey day a few months ago when I had just picked up this 501 pair. This is a typical 'in the moment' look... you know, one of those outfits that you put together one day because it matches whatever mood you're in - and you feel good about it - but then you end up never wearing that same combination again. It doesn't happen that often and the majority of the time I do still like the look, it just doesn't suit my mood or mindset anymore. Perhaps it's the lack of all-black (poetry!)... funny as it sounds, this is the type of look that feels quite colourful to me. (I know, so much colour...) Do you have any looks you actually like but hardly ever end up wearing again?