It's Here!


Welcome to NOA // NOIR! I am so excited for this bigger, bolder, better venture and to bring you more quality content. We have been working really hard to give you the best experience while navigating the new blog. Related posts are now easy to find by searching by tags and categories. Please find below a little introduction to each of them so you know what content to expect & where to find it!

Let’s go!


Outfits, editorials, shopping & wishlists… All of the things you know from my previous blog 'The Signature Bow' but more, more, more. Expect updates 3 times per week. And black, lots of black.


I have never really ventured into the beauty industry that much, but finally –in my late twenties- I have found joy in trying different looks for day & night. Just like my wardrobe, I like things a bit more subtle and without too many layers. You won’t see me caking on lots of different products, but I will share quick (hassle-free!) tutorials and tips on how to look great while still showing your natural beauty.


If you follow me on Instagram and/or Pinterest, you know that I also very much enjoy interior design. Which is why I want to share more of this on the blog! At the same time, I may try my hand on some more (easy) DIY projects after the last one was such a success. Architecture, branding & photography are huge inspirations for me (even for putting together outfits!), so those topics will be covered here as well.


Travel, new restaurants, cafes, stores, (expat) life lessons, random thoughts and anything else that influences my life outside my wardrobe… I want to get personal and share more than just my style with you! I really enjoyed connecting with you after my life lesson post and many have asked me questions about it afterwards. I would love to share more ‘insider info’ with you about living as an expat… or anything else for that matter. Let’s get to know each other!

I hope you will love NOA // NOIR as much as I already do & that I will be able to offer you a daily dose of inspiration - whether it’s fashion-related or about the more serious stuff in life. As an avid blog reader myself, I know how nice it is to click with fellow style aficionados with substance. Yes, NOA // NOIR is a personal style blog, but let’s make it about more than just pretty things!

If you have any feedback or requests, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via